3rd Annual OPEN LENS Fest a Success

I just finished up a weekend film festival at DIVA Center: the Open Lens Festival. The festival featured video and film work from southwestern Oregon artists. We screened a thirteen-film, juried program and awarded one jury award, two honorable mentions and one audience choice award. Check the Festival webpage for details:


Our visiting filmmaker, Kelley Baker from Portland, offered two workshops, Making the Extremely Low Budget Film and Sound Design for Independent Filmmaking. Both were well attended. Baker was very supportive of the filmmakers in attendance and proved to be a wealth of info and stories from his years as sound designer and from his own feature-film work. Check out his website: www.angryfilmmaker.com.

The event was successful with good attendance and good press. We look forward to next year’s festival. There is a growing sense of Eugene as a center for regional filmmaking and we at the Media Arts Committee of the DIVA Center are committed to fostering that reality.

About DHeila

I am a copy editor at Best Ever Edit (please visit my page at BestEverEdit.com) and a songwriter/composer. My creative efforts are chronicled (sporadically) at SlowdunkExpress.com.
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