Rethinking Blogging

So, obviously, I don’t find a lot of time to post on this blog. I have lots of ideas…just not the organization to do regular posts. Because of this, I have been thinking about ways I can get myself to create content for my site and this blog that are more in line with my everyday life…instead of allowing the site and blog to become just two more items on a list of things to accomplish.

I have been looking into video podcasting and have found some interesting examples (pouringdown, alec crichton, Neil Webb). Also, the quality of the video is quite high.  I have found an online gallery that specializes in representing artists who work in digital video (The Video Art Gallery). They offer packages of artwork and display media for each artist represented. The work is presented in limited series just like prints. Seems like a growing outlet for video art.

Alot of my subjects are domestic or perhaps mundane. I have gravitated this way in order to combine my creative work with my everyday life. I don’t believe in the separation of these two aspects of my life. Keeping these aspects separate in has led to tension, anxiety and a sense of pressure that was unacceptable. By integrating creative work with daily life I have gone far in relieving some of these pains.  

Video podcasting seems to be an appropriate format for combining creative process with professional exposure….sort of a blog and website in one. Less online content maintenance…greater exposure for my work.

So, I am planning on setting up a monthly or twice-monthly video podcast. Please come back to view. 

About DHeila

I am a copy editor at Best Ever Edit (please visit my page at and a songwriter/composer. My creative efforts are chronicled (sporadically) at
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