This is an iPhone recording of a recent tune. I had been working on this over 3 months or so and it just kind of came together one afternoon. I didn’t want to forget this version so I did a quick rough recording. I like the sound of the file played back on my iPhone as it distorts nicely and adds a fuzzy sort of tube mic sound. Not available when listening to the file on anything else. Too bad. Enjoy. Here are the lyrics as well.

snowman lyrics.JPG

copyright 2011 Daniel Heila
published by Indestructible Beat of Podunk Press, ASCAP

About DHeila

I am a copy editor at Best Ever Edit (please visit my page at and a songwriter/composer. My creative efforts are chronicled (sporadically) at
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One Response to Snowman

  1. Ethel Vrana says:

    Really love this piece!!!

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