Video Work

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I tune-in to the depths of simple moments. It is
surprising how much can be found there both visually
and aurally. Mundane, everyday images and sounds
activate catalogs of meaning and memory in the
witness. My work  enhances this phenomenon through
performance and installation based formats. While
working I respond as much as possible to the
atmosphere, environment of the moment and intuitive
impulses and responses. Editing retains the
ephemeral integrity of individual recording sessions
with minimal use of effects, preserving the original
chronological sequence of scenes. When a work uses
obvious digital manipulation it is in service to the
content of the image and not as an end in itself.
Frequently, I employ scales of time that are
challenging to the viewer – either lengthening or
shortening temporal perceptions (often quite subtly) in
an effort to encourage deeper listening and seeing.


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